Welcome Back!

GCF_flyerFall2016XTo everyone who left for the summer (even if it was only for a weekend escape) welcome back! We can’t wait for the upcoming school year and have lots of fun plans. While GCF remains alive and kicking during the summer, it’s always exciting to see new faces each fall (and mark the return of old friends as well.)

Our fearless leader Joe wrote down everything so well that this post will shamelessly borrow his effort for a quick rundown of upcoming events. (Hands together for Joe, who has been doing all this and his field work in Australia at the same time.)

Without further ado:
COAH BBQ – Campus On a Hill, the organization that brings together the various Christian ministries at Cornell is hosting a barbecue this Saturday! If you’re interested in going shoot an email to the GCF listserv (grad-iv-l@cornell.edu) and I’m sure others will want to join you.
Saturday 8/20, on the Balch Lawn from 3-5pm.

August 29th ice cream social! – Join us for the 2nd annual Cornell Graduate Christian Fellowship Fall Ice Cream Social. This is a great way for new people to connect with our members, and for old members to meet back up after the summer. And best of all, there’s free ice cream! This event kicks off our fall semester and will take the place of the first Bible study of the fall. 

Monday, August 29th, at 7:30pm, Anabel Taylor Hall Room B27. Look for more emails as the event approaches.
Bible Study – If you made it to the end of the year meeting last year, you probably heard that we were working on deciding whether or not to split the Bible Study into two different nights, since we were getting more and more people. What a good problem to have! I’m sure most of you have heard by now, but if not, you should know that we have decided not to split study, but instead of meeting at someone’s house we’re planning on meeting in a larger room on campus that can fit all of us. Thanks a bunch to Rachael, Sharon, Liz, Gabby, and their roommates for hosting us last year. You guys are awesome.
For Bible study topics we’re considering studying Isaiah this fall. We usually study an Old Testament book in the fall and a New Testament book in the spring. Our current idea is to look at Isaiah 40-55, doing around one chapter a week. But this isn’t set in stone yet, so if anyone’s opposed to that idea or if you’re thinking: “aww man, I totally just studied this section of Isaiah this summer with my other awesome Bible study,” then let us know and we will work with you to reconsider. Or if you have any other ideas that you’re really interested in, let us know those too. If we receive lots of feedback we can even put it to a vote.
The ice cream social will kick off the start to Bible study this year. The first real study will be held on September 5th.
Prayer Meetings – Prayer meetings will continue to be held on Wednesday evenings this year and we’ll get you more info on where those will be. If you haven’t seen the GCF prayer list (click here), check it out. We write down prayer requests and praises at the end of each Bible Study, then they get added to the list and each Wednesday we make a point of going through each of those to make sure everyone in GCF is prayed for.
Fall Retreat – Most everything GCF does is awesome, but I can’t speak highly enough about Fall Retreat. My first year I had just arrived and had just started coming to Bible Studies and I wasn’t so sure about going on retreat. But I decided to go and it ended up being an excellent decision. Retreat is a time and place where lifelong friends are made, existing friendships are made stronger, breaks from school and research are taken, God is grown closer to, games are played, songs are sung, pizza and junk food are generally eaten.
We typically spend a weekend at a Bible camp nearby, nestled in the rolling hills of Upstate New York and we go around the time that the fall colors are nearly at peak and the temperatures are cool and crisp, but generally not too cold yet. We’re still ironing out the details for this year’s retreat (we’ll let you know the final details soon) but the current plan is to host retreat on the weekend of October 21-23rd. We drive out Friday night, then come back Sunday afternoon.
At this point you may be thinking, I hardly know these people, I’m not about to go spend a weekend in the country with them. But we hope with setting the date a little bit later this year, you can get a chance to know us beforehand and hopefully that’ll give us enough time to get to know us. No pressure yet, we have plenty of time before we need to start thinking about final decisions.
Social Events – If you’re new, you’re in for a treat. If you were around last year, you should expect the same kind of great socials to happen again this year. Last year GCF did everything from host an alpaca-meme-themed party, go mini-golfing, go hiking, jump in the lake during the winter, host campfires, and many more fun events. And I hear that you guys just a had a giant slip and slide! Once the fall semester begins we’ll be sure to keep these going.
Announcements at Church – For the returning GCF members, we need your help! New grad students will be arriving soon if they haven’t already. We’re looking for people to make announcements about GCF in their churches and hopefully we’ll catch some new grad students as they start exploring the churches in the area.
We attend a variety of churches so the more help we can get the better. You could just give a short 1-2 min announcement about GCF’s existence and what we do. We’re also working on getting flyers that can go into bulletins. Let us know if you’re interested in helping! Preferably we could do this before the ice-cream social because that would give us a great event we could invite them to.
Email/Listserv – if you receive this and want to be added to our listserv, or have a friend that wants to be added, let me (Joe– jfw96@cornell.edu) know and I can do that for you.