A Little Night Sledding

It’s been a pretty warm winter in Ithaca, but the last two weeks saw a decent amount of snow, and so GCF made an impromptu nighttime visit in concert with Cornell’s Chesterton House to Taughannock Falls State Park, where there is a fairly awesome sledding hill, and wore all our bottoms out sliding down the hill in 0 degree weather and cracking all of our plastic sleds. Luckily there was a wood burning stove and hot cider in the warming shed to thaw us out after careening down the hill in a long chain of sledders!


* Bonus points for y’all who caught the pun in the title 😉

GCF does the Great Russian Nutcracker

This past Sunday, GCF dusted off their blazers and heels and drove up to Syracuse to see the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker. Besides the fantastic ballet (and probably the craziest Arabian version any of us had ever seen) we took the chance to drop by everyone’s favorite barbecue joint – Dinosaur Barbecue – and enjoy a wonderful Southern meal during the depths of New York December.

GCF Fall Retreat 2015

Our Fall Retreat this past weekend was a smashing success despite Saturday’s cold drizzle. Friday evening, GCF drove out to the Cortland Bible Club Camp, where we enjoyed a rustic weekend studying the bible with Pastor Steve Felker and playing games of Gaga, volleyball, basketball, and frisbee despite the weather. When we got too cold, we retreated inside for small group study and a couple of hours of fun (and error-filled) cèilidh dancing to the wonderful music of Jessy and Kyle. And if that wasn’t enough fun, we had a great late-night song session out by the patio campfire, where Jessy led us in the impromptu songs “Ezra Cornell had a Secret” and “The Adventures of Cornelius.”

I think everyone regretted leaving, but the weekend was an amazing time to both relax and explore spiritual questions as well as getting to know our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

Alpacas in Moravia!


We were fortunate enough to visit Moravia, NY to meet with Dawn Garofolo, her family, and their beautiful herd of alpacas! They let us feed and pet their animals, as well as walk around their beautiful farm. Afterwards we went to Skaneateles for a walk on the pier and a burger. Lots of people came and had a great time getting up and close with some of upstate’s cutest camelids.