Local Churches

Many GCF members participate in local church services and activities. Below are some local churches attended by GCF members. Please contact them for more information or if you would like a ride.

Bethel Grove Bible Church [website]

Rebecca Gerdes


Bread of Life Anglican Church [website]


Calvary Chapel [website]


Christ Chapel [website]

Dean DaVee


Cornell Catholic Community / Sage Chapel [website]

Daniel Sweeney


First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church [website]


Immaculate Conception Church [website]


Ithaca Baptist Church [website]


Holy Apostles Orthodox Church [website]

Greg Fedorchak


New Life Presbyterian Church [website]


St. Catherine’s Greek Orthodox Church [website]


St. Luke’s Lutheran Church [website]


St. Paul’s UMC [website]

Sam Hempel


Tabernacle Baptist Church [website]


Vineyard Church of Ithaca [website]